Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ultimate Cake Off!

Pastries By Vreeke was lucky enough to be a member of Team Colette Peters on TLC's Ultimate Cake Off. Our winning cake was center stage at Griffith Observatory's 75th Anniversary!

All that hard work paid off when the winner was announced!

The Yellow Team - Richard Medina, Lori Vreeke, Collete Peters & Adrian Theopolis

Lori, starting the motors before it faced the judges!

Colette always has a great time doing what she does best.... decorating a cake!

Gotta love her :)

All the little cars are on the drive up to the observatory for the big party!

The chocolate astronomers are keeping watch on all that cake!

Colette hand painted the astrology signs

The swinging pendulum was modeled from the actual pendulum in the observatory.

James Dean & Einstein. Colette is truly amazing at carving these characters and makiing molds for us to reproduce.

75 wonderful years of Griffith Observatory is celebrated.

Blown sugar planets topped the cake at 6' tall.

I have been going up to the Griffith Observatory since I was a small girl, looking up at the stars, wondering what is up there. Since then, I have brought my children to experience the observatory and most recently was lucky enough to share the observatory with Colette.

Everyone should see this place, it's great!

These guys do a great job loading up the cake for transport to the Observatory!

Lori and Jennifer having a blast at the 75th Gala Event!Thanks TLC for another great episode of the Ultimate Cake Off!

Keep watching future episodes of the Cake-Off.........

I'll be back

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