Friday, November 12, 2010

Travels in Spain

 One of my favorite things to discover while traveling in Europe is the different bridal fashions. 
While most of the wedding dresses I see on brides here in California are strapless, sweetheart necklines,  most of the displays in Spain are featuring covered shoulders.

 Traditional Wedding Dresses

Designer Wedding Gowns


Tres Chic!

So sheek!

Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses

Flamingo Dresses!

I love this one!  Can you imagine a wedding cake to match, Polk-a-dot cookie favors and deep red flowers.

No American style bridesmaids dresses here in Spain.

Shoes & Accessories

It was great to see the different shoes and boots that brides wear in Spain.
I really hope these beautiful fashions make their way to brides in the USA.

This was the only time I saw American style wedding cakes.  It was in a window in Seville and the bakery "Ideal Cakes - Barcelona", is located in Barcelona, Spain.

These were some of the toppers I bought as souvenirs while in Seville, Spain. 
Too cute!

This is just one of  many ornate alters in Spain! 
Can you imagine being married in one of the many many churches in every town in Spain.

Rosana, my Facebook Cake buddy in Sevilla and I, out for Tapas and shopping!
Check out Rosana's Facebook page at Holly Cocina
La Campana - One of the most popular pastry shops in Sevilla

I just love traveling.  I'm already thinking of going back to Sevilla, Spain when my niece is there for school in the Spring.

Adios Amigos