Sunday, December 5, 2010

TOP 10 CAKES OF 2010

I created some wonderful cakes in 2010 for some wonderful clients. Some were for weddings, some parties and one for TLC's Ultimate Cake Off.  


This is definitely one of my all time favorite cakes. This creation was for a wedding for a great couple in the movie industry. They both travel a lot for work, hence the luggage and the sugar film reels represented the movies. All the labels and tags on the luggage were of places they have visited together.

I love getting unique orders like this!


This beautiful cake served 600 guests for a beautiful couple who were married at the beginning of the year at the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel. Everything about this wedding was beautiful from the ballroom itself to the floral centerpieces that adorned each table.


This is one of my favorites because I just loved the colors of the roses. The pastel colors are so soothing to the eye, I could look at this picture forever.


This cake was so fun with the Mardi Gras theme with the deep purple and golds. It's always fun to carve the cakes a bit to achieve the funky look of each tier. Bella Victorian Vineyards is a great backdrop for an outdoor wedding, nestled in the mountains, not far from the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by vineyards.


This softly sponge painted cake in shades of violet was stenciled with beautiful patterns. The monogram was created with sugarpaste and the cake was made even prettier with edible butterflies.
Oh how pretty!


Just a simple cake but oh so elegant. I love changing things up a bit and alternating the tiers between square and round.


This "Monkey Boy" bridal shower cake was created for a couple that I made a wedding cake for. I used their invitations as a guide for the design. I love making custom cake toppers, gotta love the monkey :)


The reason I love this cake so much was that it was created for a groom serving in the US Marines.
God Bless all the military personnel who make our country safe.


This is one of 13 dogs I created for a Bat Mitzvah. Each table had a different breed of dog as the centerpiece. The dogs were auctioned off at the end of the evening to the highest bidder and the money collected went to a charity.


I can't take all the credit for this cake that was created for TLC's Ultimate Cake Off. I was just part of Colette Peter's winning team that created this cake in 9 hours for Griffith Parks 75th Anniversary.
I have never worked so hard in my life, but it payed off in the end.

Thanks Colette for having me as part of your team!

I'd love to know what everyone thinks of my favorite cakes of 2010.
Which one's your favorite?

Happy New Year to all my followers!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Travels in Spain

 One of my favorite things to discover while traveling in Europe is the different bridal fashions. 
While most of the wedding dresses I see on brides here in California are strapless, sweetheart necklines,  most of the displays in Spain are featuring covered shoulders.

 Traditional Wedding Dresses

Designer Wedding Gowns


Tres Chic!

So sheek!

Traditional Bridesmaids Dresses

Flamingo Dresses!

I love this one!  Can you imagine a wedding cake to match, Polk-a-dot cookie favors and deep red flowers.

No American style bridesmaids dresses here in Spain.

Shoes & Accessories

It was great to see the different shoes and boots that brides wear in Spain.
I really hope these beautiful fashions make their way to brides in the USA.

This was the only time I saw American style wedding cakes.  It was in a window in Seville and the bakery "Ideal Cakes - Barcelona", is located in Barcelona, Spain.

These were some of the toppers I bought as souvenirs while in Seville, Spain. 
Too cute!

This is just one of  many ornate alters in Spain! 
Can you imagine being married in one of the many many churches in every town in Spain.

Rosana, my Facebook Cake buddy in Sevilla and I, out for Tapas and shopping!
Check out Rosana's Facebook page at Holly Cocina
La Campana - One of the most popular pastry shops in Sevilla

I just love traveling.  I'm already thinking of going back to Sevilla, Spain when my niece is there for school in the Spring.

Adios Amigos

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sherwood Country Club Wedding!

What a beautiful day it was for a wedding. The sun was shining and Sherwood Country Club looked so beautiful, with all its roses in bloom and the green links of the golf course manicured immaculately.

This couple was so sweet and so in love! They both play together on a kickball team, so we wanted to tie in kickball to the wedding.
We custom made the topper to look like the couple, complete with a kickball and their purple jerseys.
Don't all kickball players wear pearls and a bow tie?

Note from the bride
Lori, Our cake was absolutely fabulous!! We wanted to let you know that we had so many friends and family tell us that the cake was beautiful and everyone loved the kickball topper! Thank you so much for making us such a fantastic cake that tasted even better than it looked!!

As we were leaving after setting up the cake, I turned back to look at the cake one last time, and snapped this photograph thru the curtains of the entryway to the dining room.

Oh so beautiful!

Debbie from Floral Fields once again outdid herself with simple but beautiful floral arrangements. The tables were set in whites and greens and it was nice to see this long table for the wedding party.

The black of the floral containers really accentuated the greens and whites of the flowers.

Congratulations to Brittany and Ryan!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Treasures around every corner at Calamigos

Congratulations to Maria & Victor

Simple cakes can look so beautiful with fresh flowers to match the floral centerpieces.

Each place setting had a vile of bubbles, personalized with the bride and grooms name and date.

There are so many areas at Calamigos Ranch to get married and have your reception. The Pavilion has both an inside area and a huge tent with beautiful draping and sparkly lights in the ceiling making it so beautiful in the evening.
There are many areas of Calamigos that can be rented for weddings and other events. It's so fun to go on a tour of the facility and check it all out.

The lawn in front of the Pavilion even has their own Ferris wheel!

Copper horses are placed throughout the entry to Calamigos.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Westlake Village Inn Wedding

Westlake Village Inn
September 18, 2010

Yet another wonderful cake delivered to Westlake Village Inn. It seems like I am there every weekend. I love delivering here, it's so close to my bakery and the staff is so friendly. It really is such a pleasure to be able to supply wedding cake for this venue.
Thank you Jeannie and the entire staff at WVI.

This cake was a simple fondant cake with brown ribbon around each tier. Fresh flowers were supplied by Belle of the Ball Designs, who is always a pleasure to work with. It's so nice when you become friends with all the vendors work with often.
Did I mention the wonderful Jason of Elegant Event Entertainment was the DJ for this reception? He and his staff are more vendors which I consider friends and always a joy to see!

Note from the bride:
I had the hardest time deciding on first whether to do a groom's cake, and second what to do. Once I realized that Mark was hoping to get a groom's cake, that made the first decision easy. The cake itself was inspired by Mark's commitment to his personal health and his love of coconut water to hydrate/nourish his body. Anyone who knows Mark well, knows he loves his coconut water. One day Mark realized that our bar wasn't going to have coconut water, so he was concerned that at the wedding he wouldn't get any after drinking all night. He was so surprised to see that Lori created a coconut with his favorite coconut water inside! It was absolutely perfect and Mark was able to get his coconut water right out of the middle of the cake with a straw! To top it off, it was a carrot cake (Mark's favorite).
Thank you Lori for your creativity!!!

This grooms cake was so fun to create. The groom drinks ZICO brand coconut water every night and his lovely bride wanted to surprise him with a coconut cake filled with ZICO water. In the middle of this cake is a bottle of ZICO with a straw for him to drink from during the reception.

Belle of the Ball designs created these beautiful floral centerpieces on beautiful Victorian iron stands. It's amazing what flowers can do to a room!

Westlake Village Inn is really a beautiful venue to have a wedding. Entering the reception room, you are greeted by a roaring marble fireplace and sparkling crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling.

Congratulations to Amber and Mark!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Oaks at Calamigos Ranch

Another beautiful wedding at Calamigos Ranch in California
Saturday, September 11th
The sun was shining, the evening temperature was wonderful, and Calamigos looked beautiful for an outside wedding on the deck of The Oaks
This wedding cake was created with fondant swirls, leaves and baby teardrops in beige and shades of green. The cake was than adorned with pastel colored roses and various stems of pastel flowers.

The Oaks at Calamigos has a rustic feel with wood panelled walls, stone fireplace, crystal chandeliers and twinkly lights strung in the ceiling rafters.

Lei Ann of Happy Flowers created this beautiful floral display for the buffet table

Calamigos is full of wonderful treasures around every corner.
I just love this old wagon in front of The Oaks!

Congratulations to Kristin & Tim!