Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Big Bark Mitzvah!

I was lucky enough to be able to create 13 sculpted dog cakes for Melanie's Bat Mitzvah at Moorpark Country Club. When Melanie's mom contacted me and told me about the dog theme for this event, the wheels started turning and I thought what fun to have different dogs at each table as centerpieces. They provided me with all the breeds and names for all the dogs and we immediately went to work, creating dog collars, noses, dog nails and everything we could to get a jump on this order.
We were than contacted by a production company for TLC to tape the creation of the dogs for an upcoming cake series. Unfortunately one week prior to taping, they decided they wanted one large cake for the show, so our dogs were turned down for stardom.
It took us three days of constant work to bake the cakes, sculpt the dogs and decorate them, having up to 5 people working at the bakery. The last day, myself, Jennifer and Michelle worked until 10:30pm to get them all done, boxed up and put in the refrigerator until delivery the following day.

Marshmallow the Wheaten Terrier

Hannah the Vizsla

Fluffy the Sheepdog

Peppi the Poodle

Sam the Labrador

Schmuely the Kerry Blue Terrier

Patches the Dalmatian

Mollie the Collie

Brandon the Cocker Spaniel

Ellie the Boxer

Bruno the Basset Hound

Smooch the Bloodhound

Maxx the Boston Terrier

Melanie posing with her Marshmallow

Dog Noses!

Lori & Michelle sculpting dog bodies

These black and white cookies were used as the table cards.

Melanie's family purchased them from a local deli.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cal Lutheran University Senior Showcase

The brochure from the Senior Art show. Showcasing the graduating class of 2010

One of Jennifer's art projects was an art cake that she created and displayed at the opening reception of the CLU Senior Showcase. The cake was served up to all the guests. To bad we had to ruin such a great piece of art!

2010 CLU Art Graduates

Congratulations to: Jennifer, Katrina, Jeni, Cameron, Brinida & Payton