Pastries By Vreeke offers custom Candy Buffets in the Ventura County and Los Angeles Counties!

Spanish Hills Country Club Blue and Violet Candy Buffet

Winter Wonderland Candy Buffet for a Toyota Dealer Holiday Party

Fun lollipop tree covered in Salt Water Taffy

Pink Rock Candy Strings


Custom signs and table decorations can be used to add to the sweetness!

Candy Buffets are a good way to sweeten up any party or event! Candy Buffets can be coordinated with the color scheme of your party. The colors schemes are endless with candy coming in every color of the rainbow and more!

All of our candy containers are wrapped with coordinating ribbon and labeled with each type of candy

Many chocolates come in different shapes and colors to coordinate with your theme.

Large lollipops make a great favor for all your guests and look so festive!

Cady Buffets can be created 100% Kosher for those Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.
Many popular candies such as M&M's are Kosher and come in every color!

Contact Pastries By Vreeke for more information, details and pricing on Candy Buffets