Monday, February 29, 2016

Cookies for the Oscar's

One Thousand Doves!

Dove Soap, a sponsor of the Oscar's ordered 1,000 Dove cookies.  

With just 4 days to make the dough, bake the cookies, decorate the cookies and bag them all up a team of great ladies all got together to bag them up and drive them out to Hollywood.

Great Bagging!
Thanks ladies!

Fun to drive down to the middle of all the action on Hollywood Boulevard.

It takes so much manpower to put on a show like this, and this was just the outside of the theater.

All the boxes were dropped off at the staging area inside the El Capitan Theater, awaiting all the hungry show goers.

Fun to see them setting up for the Good Morning America show for the next day!

Doesn't matter how many times I have been to Hollywood, it's always fun to read the stars on the Walk of Fame!

Congratulations to all the Oscar nominees and winners!