Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rose Cake & Mario Cake at Sherwood Country Club

Yet another great wedding at Sherwood Country Club. I love it when I get to create two amazing cakes for one wedding. Not only does the bride get to pick the exact design to complement the reception, but the groom gets to create something fun also!

This cake is covered in sugar rose petals! This picture doesn't show off the stand, but it is held up with four tall glass vases that are filled with water and orchids and lit from the bottom. Belle of the Ball Designs did another outstanding job with the display and flowers.

Toppers with Glitz always creates the most beautiful toppers for my Brides. I am so lucky to be able to refer them to Sari of Toppers with Glitz.

Note from the bride:
"Our wedding cake and grooms cake were absolute masterpieces. The details on each cake were amazing and we can't begin to tell you how many compliments we've heard all week about how great the cakes tasted. Lori, we will definitely be working with you again and again. Thank you for all your hard work. Jenn"

This couple loves to play Mario Brothers!

We created a fun cake with all the Mario characters, complete with bride and groom Piranha

Mario, Yoshi & Birdo

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Anonymous said...

The cakes were almost as cool as the bride and groom themselves! Nice one Chris, Jenn, and Lori!